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The factory registration is proclaimed by 1984 Factories Act to make sure that the factory follows the agreed safety guidelines and rules. Once the factory is registered, the Government provides a license to the factory, and this license is an authorization document for granting permission for carrying out and regulating the manufacturing pursuits from a specified locality.

Eligibility Criteria:

Factories that hold ten or more workers who are employed in the manufacturing process, as well as the factories which contain twenty or number of workers who are engaged in the manufacturing process, should compulsorily register under the 1948 factories act.

If any occupier or owner of the factor needs to extend or use any building as a factory, it’s mandatory they get a plan and permission approval. Once the construction is over, the manager or the factory owner needs to register the factory under the 1948 factories act.

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    What Are The Documents Required For Factory Registration?

    The Factory registration process will be done right if you have entire documents.

    Documents for Factory License Renewal:


    Proof of Occupier Address in case of amendment,


    Proof of Manager address,


    Machinery lists with details of Horse Power,


    Proof of Occupier identity,


    Memorandum of AoA under partnership Deed or Companies Act.


    Proof of Manager address,

    Documents Needed For Factory License And Registration:


    Proof for occupier identity,


    Evidence for Manager identity,


    Machinery lists with the details of Horse Power,


    Supporting documents for the premise occupation namely rental deed, lease deed, and sale deed,


    Proof for occupier address,


    Memorandum of Articles of Association under Partnership Deed or Companies Act,

    Documents Needed For Factory Plan Approval:


    Process Flowchart.


    Proof of occupier identity,


    Topo plan, Detailed Plan (1:100 scales), Site plan (1:400 ranges) of building across the details of machinery installation in triplicate.


    Supporting documents for the occupation of the premises like sale deed, rental deed, and lease deed.


    Proof of Address of Occupier.

    Factory Registration Procedure:

    Follow the below steps for the successful Factory Registration.

    Visit DISH (Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health) website.

    The user gets redirected to the registration page once clicking on the occupier. Provide every detail of occupier like name, address, login credential details, and more.

    You will receive email verification on your registered email id with the subject named Mail Verification – DISH.

    Once the Email verification is completed, you can make use of the login credentials to log in to the site.

    In case of an occupier, if you have various factories, the details of every new factory should be added separately.

    Once you have filled every detail, you need to click on the Submit button.

    From the new registration drop-down menu, choose the occupier option on the home page.

    Once you have filled in the appropriate fields, you can save the occupier details and login credentials by clicking on the save registration details button.

    Activate the hyperlink you received by clicking on it. You will get an alert message that you are successfully verified.

    You can check out a circle shaped aviator icon on the home page on your right top corner. You need to choose to add new factory option from the subsequent new pop up.

    Provide factory details like the particulars, Address of Communication, the factory situation, etc. for registration.

    You will get an alert that every detail of the registration process is saved successfully.

    Application For Approval Of Factory Plans:

    Here are the steps for the factory plan approval.

    Make use of your login credentials to log in to the portal and choose the factory option from the drop-down menu and then select the dashboard link.

    Choose “plan approval” service. You will now be redirected to the “plan approval” flow.

    Once the factories details are listed choose “particulars of the Occupier” from the plan.

    Once you have submitted the manager details, you need to choose the particulars of the owner of premises from the “plan approval” flow. You need to offer the details like present address, identity and address proof, owner particulars, and permanent address.

    Now, choose particulars of the plan from the factory plan approval flow. You need to provide details like particulars of several workers and capacity, details of the previous approvals and present plan, and details of the manufacturing process.

    You will be redirected to approval page of submitting now.

    Choose Join director from the drop-down menu to whom the licensing and registration form to be submitted and then click on the submit button.

    You will be redirected to the home page of the services once selecting the dashboard link. Now, from the menu choose ‘Services offered under the Factories Act’ to list the services under factory act.

    You already have filled the factory details, and therefore you will have all aspects regarding the factory in the factory details options.

    You will be redirected to the occupier particulars section, and in this part, you need to provide details like present address, occupier particulars, permanent address, address proof, and identity proof.

    Now you need to offer the details of the director, namely present address, identity and address proof, permanent address and particulars of the partner of the director.

    Once you have filled all details, you need to choose to the Submit plan from the factory plan approval flow.

    You need to choose the submit option from the drop-down menu.

    Once you have submitted, you can print the application and then download them.

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