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We provide 100% assurance for the holistic approaches to risk management, statutory compliances, labor law compliances, and their adherence.

A lot of your company’s effort, money, and time goes into making sure that payroll is objected to through a statutory audit. From the fair treatment of labor of the employee to securing the organization from benefit demands or unreasonable wages from aggressive employees or trade unions, every enterprise faces many potential legal issues when relating to compliance. Regardless, it will never be the intent of the company to discard these laws, but without the required security, there are high chances of slipping through the cracks.

In today’s environment of increased inspections, there are many MNC’s shifting towards compliance. The government is developing more rigorous and complicated due to which for any enterprise, it becomes tedious to finish all the permission related to labor law legally. The labor laws statutes are evolving and changing constantly, and it is more significant to keep updated with all the amendments and make sure about compliance.

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    With an average of a decade of experience in compliance related and labor activities, Aanoor EFilings offers consistent support for various industries across India. We are chosen for our best quality services. We customize our every service related compliances to cover all requirements of our clients under different state or central specific labor laws based on the industry as per the jurisdictions or locations in India.

    We do have a professional team of staffs who perform to the top-notch quality and standards to ensure quality and meet critical deadlines. We provide 100% assurance for the holistic approaches to risk management, statutory compliances, labor law compliances, and their adherence. We do offer timely compliance of different labor laws and statutes which enables you to concentrate and manage on the primaries, which constantly change as your business environment.

    Advantages of Outsourcing Compliances:

    Our clients get power from Outsourcing statutory compliance management in various ways including

      • An increase in focus on different business areas.
      • Timely adherence and compliance with all the labor laws and different statutes.
      • Accurate and complete maintenance of every record which are relevant to compliances.
      • Sound corporate governance.
        A decrease in labor overheads.
      • Avoidance of all associated costs and litigations which may raise due to the non-compliances.
    Important Coverage of the Labor laws:
    • The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provision Act – 1952 (EPF)
    • The Professional Tax Act (PT)
    • The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act – 1970 (CLRA)
    • The Payment of Wages Act-1936
    • The Maternity Benefit Act-1961
    • The Equal Remuneration Act-1976
    • The Employment Exchange (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) ACT-1959
    • Employees Compensation Act-1923
    • The Industrial Disputes ACT 1947
    • The Interstate Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) ACT, 1979
    • Statutory compliance audit
    • Statutory benefits administration
    • Shops and Commercial Establishments Act (S&E)
    • The Employees State Insurance Corporation Act – 1948 (ESIC)
    • The Labour Welfare Fund Act (LWF)
    • The Minimum Wages Act-1948
    • The Payment of Bonus Act-1965
    • The Payment of Gratuity Act-1972
    • The Industrial Establishment (N&FH) ACT
    • Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal ) ACT, 2013
    • The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) ACT 1946 – Model Standing Order Only
    • The Apprentice ACT, 1961
    • Factories ACT, 1948 We Have Years of Experience and Expertise in the Following Areas
    • Statutory advisory services

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