Employee Provident Fund

Aanoor EFilings is the best PF consultant in Chennai. EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is one of the significant advantages offered to the employees when they get relieved from a company or provided in a lump at the time of retirement.

What Is EPF?

Employee Provident Fund is one of the advantages plans where employee and employer contribution is made once calculating the benefits of retirement ahead of time.

Epf Registration And Eligibilities:

The Employee Provident Fund Organization regulated the Employee Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, and it has defined the EPF as a new proposal to provide a social advantage to the employees.

Any company or organization which have more than 20 employees can acquire for EIN Number (Employee Identification Number), In case of a company has less than 20 employees, then it can apply for the EIN number voluntarily. These types of employees include daily wage workers, contractors, temporary workers, housekeeping staff, security, temporary employees, etc.

An organization or company should apply and get the certificate of EPF registration within 30 days of holding the strength of 20 employees in their company.

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    The registration process can follow only after the notification is passed by the Central EPF commissioner in the official gazette. It means the employees are eligible for PF from their date of employment. The contribution here will be about 12% by the employee and the Employer where the Employer has the rights to pay and deduct the amount to Employee Provident Fund.


    Any other establishment or company which is agreed by the central government where it makes mandatory to acquire PF registration even in the case of employee strength is less than 20.​

    Registration is compulsory for a factory with 20 or more employees.
    All co-operative societies proceed to register themselves with more than 50 employees in the company.

    Registered companies and organizations can proceed under the purview of Act regardless of employee strength.

    What Are The Documents Needed For EPF Registration?

    Here are the crucial documents which are needed for the process of EPF Registration.


    For a private or public company, a copy of incorporation certification provided by company registrar, Address Proof, Director’s ID proof, Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Association, Balance sheet details, and more.

    For all societies, they need every legal document like MoU, Address Proof, Members ID, Incorporation Certificate, etc.

    In case of Partnership firm, a copy of the partnership deed is needed. Apart from that, ID proof of partners, registration certificate, and Address proof is also required.


    The designation, Id Proof, Joining Date, Grade, Nominee details, signature, Name, Address Proof, Fathers’ name, Mobile Number, Salary, Agreement date, etc.

    Provident Fund Registration Procedure:

    An employer can register both offline and online with the help of the registration form, which can be downloaded from the EPFO website. Here is the PF Monthly Return registration process.

    EPFO Registration: Visit the website of EPFO and register your company with EPFO. You will find an option named” Establishment Registration” in the Unified portal home page.

    Read the user manual: Once clicking on the Establishment, Registration will take you to the new page where you can check out the instruction manual. Read the instructions thoroughly before making the registration process.

    DSC Registration: The employers who are registered already can make use of their login details, which indicated the UAN (Universal Account Number) and the password. The instruction manual has the complete process to be followed for making the registration of Digital Signature Certificate of the Employer. Acquiring DSC registered is compulsory for submitting a new application for registration of EPF.

    Complete the filling of Employer’s details:

     Click on the Register Button, and this will bring you to

    The new page where you need to fill all the details of the Employer. The field that is marked with an asterisk in red start should be filled compulsorily.

    You need to fill your first name, middle name, last name as provided to the Income-tax department, the PAN number of the Employer, and other details.

    The Employer can select the username of their choice. The system will check whether the username the employer-provided is available or not.

    One can select the hint question and answer of their own that will be helpful to the Employer in case of forgetting their password. Fill the captcha code once the registration process is over. Click on GET PIN button.

    The Employer will get the PIN number on their registered mobile and then click on the declaration button.

    You also need to activate the email link that is received on your registered mobile and automatically you get EPF registered.

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