The Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare board was set up to improve the standard of living of the workers who contribute to LWF and their families. It was constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1971.

Under the Tamil Nadu Welfare fund act LWF is applicable to the undertakings with 5 or more employees that are covered under the following acts

  • Factories Act
  • Motor Transport Workers Act 1961
  • Plantations Labour Act 1951
  • Tamil Nadu Catering Establishments Act 1958
  • Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act, 1947

The LWF contribution and benefits vary from state to state as it is an Individual state governed body. LWF is currently applicable in 15 states. In Tamil Nadu the contribution is yearly and it has remained as Rs.10/- per year  for employees, and 20/- per year for employer for each employee to the Fund and the Government contributes Rs.10/- per year for each employee to the Fund.

The Tamil Nadu Labour welfare boards functions are not only to the collection of Labour welfare fund but also has

  • The powers to make rules and regulations
  • Collect any fines and unpaid accumulations in the Employer’s side
  • Hold Board meetings
  • Maintaining accounts
  • Submitting Audit report and many other duties to ensure the perfect functioning of the benefits

Establishments that come under the above acts should register themselves in the LWF through online registration in the following site The yearly contributions can be paid online as well.

Apart from the various Educational, Vocational and recreational benefits available under the LWF there is also a magazine called Uzhaippavar Ulagam which contains many Labour law related information and clarifications. It is available as monthly, yearly and Lifetime subscription.